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Interesting reel.

This guy makes a really interesting point that I've been making for a while about identity politics probably being thought up in a Wall Street boardroom as a specific means to so division among the rest of us..

Identity Politics and Corporate Influence

  • Comment 1: Then they plant fake-leftists to discuss identity politics and further sow division among the 99%.
    (Note: Occasionally with the typo "sew division")
  • Comment 2: No, they haven't moved left, they've moved into identity politics. It is literally a distraction that was probably thought up in the boardroom of Goldman Sachs.
  • Comment 3: The New York Times is a propaganda rag funded by the 1% who sows division among the 99% by focusing on fear-mongering around identity politics. Occupy Wall Street is truly dead.

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But Mogulplaybook is Wrong about Tucker Carlson

  • Opinion: But that's as much credit as I'll give him, the guy doesn't see what a hack Tucker Carlson is, as Bregman did an exquisite job of pointing out.

Also Mogulplaybook thinks ecocide is some ploy to cheat common people. See video and my response.

  • Nik's Comment: If we were in a hunter-gatherer society, @mogulplaybook would be like "This idea that defecating upstream is bad for our health is a lie to make us walk farther and give the people already downstream more time to hunt than us.".