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Author of Humankind, He's a pretty interesting guy with an alternate view of humanity than you will find in the main stream.

This hilarious interview with Tucker Carlson: - I think this was the event that Tucker Carlson mentioned, Davos, that everyone flew to via private jet. - The time the bankers went on stike.

Also, had this interesting chat with ChatGPT about some ideas from Humankind and other media...

Conversation with ChatGPT

Did Rutger Bregman debunk the premise of the Lord of the Flies?

  • Nik: Did Rutger Bregman debunk the premise of the Lord of the Flies?
  • ChatGPT: Rutger Bregman, a Dutch historian and author, did argue against the premise of "Lord of the Flies" in a 2019 article for The Guardian titled "The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months." In the article, Bregman cited a real-life incident in which six boys were shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean for 15 months in the early 1960s. Contrary to the violent and savage behavior portrayed in "Lord of the Flies," Bregman argued that the boys worked together, established rules and routines, and even created a democracy to govern themselves. Bregman's argument was that humans are naturally cooperative and social animals who are more likely to work together in times of crisis than turn on each other. He suggested that the premise of "Lord of the Flies" is a flawed representation of human nature and that the real story of the shipwrecked boys shows that people are capable of working together to survive even in extreme circumstances.


  • Nik: 日本語で説明してください
  • ChatGPT: ルトガー・ブレフマンは、2019年に発表した"The Guardian"という新聞の記事で、「蠅の王様」の前提を批判しました。記事では、1960年代初頭に太平洋の孤島に6人の少年が15か月間漂流した実際の事件を引用しました。 "蠅の王様"に描かれた暴力的で野蛮な行動とは対照的に、ブレフマン氏は少年たちが協力して働き、ルールとルーティンを確立し、民主主義を創設して自己統治を行ったと主張しました。ブレフマン氏は、人間は本来、協力的で社交的な動物であり、危機的な状況では互いに助け合う傾向があると主張しました。彼は、「蠅の王様」の前提は人間の本性の誤った表現であり、漂流した少年たちの実際の物語は、極端な状況でも人々が協力して生き残ることができることを示していると提案しました.