When you stop doing stuff, do other good stuff.

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Interesting reel from Josh Terry:

This is what I want for all of us is to do stuff. And then when you stop doing stuff, do other good stuff. Just find a way to not get completely stopped. Find a way to have your goal, have the thing that you're seeking. But then when you step off of that goal, you don't just step into whatever the million other things you could do. Step off into something else that's good. There are so many good things in the world. And if you just can get yourself to the point where you work on your project and when you stop you don't play video games, eat ramen, argue with your wife, and drink all at once. If that stops being your off time, and your off time starts to be have a cup of tea and make life better in some gentle fashion, your life goes exponential. And if you feel like you're already past that, then what you do is you just keep tweaking it by 1%.

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