What would you do if you woke up with 1 billion dollars tomorrow

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What would you do if you woke up with 1 billion dollars tomorrow?

Saw this on Facebook on this post, where I gave the short version of my answer. Below is the long version (with some help from ChatGPT):

1. Establish My Technology Company: With an allocation of approximately $200 million, I plan to establish my technology company, which will focus on innovative mobile and voice apps. This budget should cover research and development, hiring top talent, marketing, and operational expenses. Leveraging AI and other advanced technologies will be at the core of my innovation strategy.

2. Invest in Ecotourism and Rewilding Initiatives: I'll dedicate around $300 million towards projects focusing on ecotourism and rewilding. This could involve purchasing land for rewilding, sponsoring research into biodiversity and ecosystem restoration, and investing in or starting ecotourism companies that promote sustainable travel and ecological awareness.

3. Investment in Political Science & Modern Governance Problems: Setting aside $150 million will allow me to have a significant impact on political science research, funding think tanks, and backing initiatives seeking to improve our governance systems. I'm particularly interested in supporting and/or creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that use blockchain technology for a more transparent and democratic form of governance.

4. Development of Infomediary and GPT focusing on Government Legislation and Budget Spending: With an allocation of $150 million, I plan to develop platforms that make government data accessible and understandable to the public. My aim is to leverage AI in analyzing and visualizing this data in meaningful ways, offering greater transparency in government operations.

5. Diversification and Philanthropy: I'll keep $100 million for personal needs, future business ventures, potential market downturns, unforeseen circumstances, and philanthropy.

6. Establish a Venture Capital Fund: Lastly, I'll use the remaining $100 million to establish a venture capital fund. This fund will invest in start-ups that align with my interests, providing not only a financial return but also helping create an ecosystem around my primary interests and ventures.