Path forward is to embrace and adapt to the new technology

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Interesting reel from Josh Terry.

The scariest thing about artificial intelligence can be explained by the paperclip maximizer. If you created an AI that is more intelligent than humans and you told it to maximize the number of paperclips on earth. It would take everyone out just doing its job. First it would turn all available metal into paperclips destroying society in the process, and then it would start on humans. Because that's its job. And while this example is a bit far out and paper clips might not cause the end of the world, if you told an AI to stop all war it might decide the way to do that would be to remove all the people so no one can go to war. But I think the most likely threat is that someone with a lot of power will try to fix people and end up controlling them. There is no stopping the progress of artificial intelligence. The path forward is to embrace and adapt to the new technology faster than the people who have plans for your future.

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