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Oxio is an Internet service provider in Canada.

I was looking for an alternative to Telus late last year, and I signed up for service with them. I hit a wall when I plugged in a coaxial cable and nothing happened, and I got busy with work and left the new modem and router on a shelf for two months while I tended to other issues.

Late January, I found time again to work on it, and encountered a lot of hiccups including:

Oxio eero app
  • Android app fails to detect router (eero 6) in my vicinity
  • Failed to find live coaxial cable (resolved when they sent a Shaw technician to my house).
  • Android app only partially connects with serial number, and then tells me to engage with their support team
  • Their support team assisted me over Facebook Messenger, but did not have the information the Shaw technician captured
  • Their support team had to manually configure my account and also my routers SSID and password.
  • Even after this, I was unable to authenticate with their Android app via telephone number or email, including getting a message that my email didn't exist in their system. This baffled the analyst on the chat.
  • The speed was only 58 Mbps, less than 1/10 what was advertised for my $80/month plan.

They have told me to update my firmware on the router, and I'll give that a try, but I am not optimistic.

Wish I had done more research on Reddit before I started.

If after that not-so-glowing recommendation, you are still interested in signing up for their service, here is my referral code that will give you one free month of access.

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