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Basically I used to put tech companies on a plateau and was surprised when Netflix succeeded where tech companies failed. Even up until 2020, I doubted Netflix Listening to YouTube channel The Warp Zone mocking them in their inevitable downfall at the hands of Disney Plus. And yet since then Netflix continues to thrive. Now they are even trolling the business they put out of business in their new series BLOCKBUSTER.

I worried about them a little, especially the way they are portrayed as a weaklings by The Warp Zone.

Why Netflix is king by Piques

But I think all that doomsdaying was premature and just part of the narrative that Disney+ and others would like you to believe to move past them. And yet my own frustration with the Disney+ interface, and realizing that Netflix is really the most mature video streaming platform out there, I really don't think Netflix fans have much to worry about. Probably this meme is an accurate depiction of the real state of the difference in user experiences between the different platforms.

Since recording the above, I have come to learn that for visual effects artists, Netflix is a pretty tough customer, to put it lightly: The Visual Effects Crisis on Youtube

Some horror movies on Netflix to watch: