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Tagline: *Link in bio tool: Everything you are, in one simple link | Linktree

I noticed a lot of influencers and content creators point people to their Linktree pages. The main reason is to literally give people a list to all of their various social media and contact publishing platforms. I decided it can't hurt for SEO so I try to sign up myself:

My Linktree:

I tried to add a tip jar using PayPal, and I get a window like the below with an endless spinning wheel and it never progresses. Who's to say if the problem is on PayPal or link tree, but definitely a link tree it's not handling any air properly that they are getting from PayPal.

Adding PayPal tip jar link to Linktree.png

After about 20 minutes I finally got

Something went wrong trying to Connect a PayPal account to start accepting payments on Linktree Pty Ltd