Junction Simplify E-Bike

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Junction Powertrail E-Bike / Electric Bike, 32Km/h Max Speed, 27.5-in


The manual says "Keep your tires inflated at the recommended pressure", but then nowhere in the manual does it actually list the recommended pressure. 😒

It comes with Seyoun NJK brand tires, probably 28"/1.76 size with 700c wheals. The recommended pressure on the tires is 40 to 60 PSI (2.8 to 4.6BAR/280 to 460 KPO).

My review:

When I took the bike home, it would not charge, and I called the support line and they instructed me to find a power cable near the rear and unplug it and plug it back in. That resolved the issue. The manual is hard to use, and does not list the recommended tire pressure. Writing uphills feels great, especially in power five, but uneven ground or going downhill extremely anticlimactic. It almost feels like it is engine braking, but obviously these bikes don't have regenerative braking like EVs.

A recent experience I had with it trying to ride off on its own: