Is aikido a joke

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Is Aikido a joke?

Interesting reel about Aikido. When learning Shorinji Kempo in the early 90s, I remember learning that some of the moves were similar. But my sensei could actually demonstrate where a hold in Shorinji was stronger than a similar hold in Aikido.

Probably the strongest proof of the assertion that Aikido is a joke, is that they don't have competitions, so it can never be proven, but also doesn't have the opportunity to evolve. Although with that said, I do wonder about other Japanese martial arts. Reminds me of a scene where Jim Halpert, from The Office says something like if there's one thing we know about ancient Japanese martial arts, is that they're always improvising. So, although some of the criticism of other martial arts could be valid, without tournaments, Aikido really stands on its own.

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