Is AGI the solution to Fermi Paradox

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Italian philosopher Enrico Fermi looked at the sky and asked "Where are [the aliens]?" The implication is that if the universe is so abundant with stars and probably occasionally viable planets for life to evolve on, then where are all the aliens? The other thing that is worth noting is that when he came up with that observation, the ability to count stars was infinitesimally small compared to our current day James Webb Space Telescope. ← source: Baz Edmeades . And yet now we are still unable to find signs of extraterrestrial life, strengthening this bizarre paradox. Maybe the reason is that when life evolves to the point of breaking the barriers of phylogenetic innovations, like shark teeth or tortoise shells, in favor of ontogenetic innovations like agriculture, nuclear weapons and micro plastics, they tend to destroy their planets in a blaze, or a slow simmer.

Maybe by avoiding World War 3 During the Cuban Missile Crisis and any other point until today, we did something unnatural or statistically something of low probability for an "intelligent" species.

Maybe once in a while, intelligent biological life can give birth to something truly magnificent, like #AGI, before, committing ecocide or nuclear holocaust. #fermiparadox

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It appears as though Baz wasn't the first person to propose above theory as the reason for Fermi Paradox, See this Quora thread.