Hold My Beer

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According to knowyourmeme.com, it's a catchphrase said before attempting a dangerous and/or ill-advised stunt.

One of the best ones I've seen, was a video about these characters who represent countries, and particularly England during Brexit. Then he calls out to Scotland (represented by an attractive woman), "come on honey let's go", sort of illustrating how little choice Scotland had around leaving the EU. Finally England, gives a passionate speech about how everyone loves to hate him, because he is a hot mess, but he really has good intentions. Then in the last few seconds, a super obnoxious guy comes in with an American flag T-shirt and yells "Hold My Beeeeeeeer!" Sort of implying that the US is even crazier than England. After the January 6 riots, I am apt to agree with this. I cannot find this video anywhere. I suppose I could register it on Things_you_can't_find_on_Google, except I cannot even remember the title. In an attempt to find it, I did stumble across Foil Arms and Hog. Along with Brexit they have a number of interesting satirical videos.

I created my own hold my beer meme. I am a member of several fan-groups of The Office. I saw an opportunity and I went after Ono, Yoko. To be honest, I don't have anything against her, but I thought this would be a hit, so I created it on 2018-12-24:

  • Yoko Ono: I broke up the greatest group ever.
  • Holly Flax: HOLD MY BEER!!!!
I broke up the greatest group ever. Hold My Beer!

I posted it here and got almost 500 likes.