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The importance with interacting on a Q&A website cannot be overstated. If you make a comment on a YouTube video, it is very likely that a few people might see it when the video is still fresh, and then it will disappear into obscurity and almost never be seen again.

If you ask a question on a Q&A website, and others have the same question, it will get indexed and show up for others with the same question for years if not decades after. But it is not only others it will serve, it will also be easier for you to find when you ask yourself "what was the answer to that question I posted five years ago? 🤔" If you post it as a YouTube comment or a Facebook comment, you will most likely never find it again, but if you post it on a popular Q&A website, or even has its own post on Twitter or Facebook, then it will be easily findable in the future.

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