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Professional Solution Architect, Knowledge Engineer and Project/Product Manager and Data & Analytics Engineer, I'm also an amateur linguist and amateur palaeontologist (or maybe just Paleo enthusiast). Currently I am working on AutoWIKI while consulting on Intranet and eLearning services for No-Hands Apps Solutions.

You can contact me on your social media platform of choice below, or through this contact form.

You can also book time with me on Calendly at or check into one of the many Meet-ups/Networking events I tried to attend listed on my Nik's Meet-ups and Networking Events calendar.

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Twitter bio: Socially conscious father/husband, database engineer, collaboration architect, amateur blockchain developer. Love tech, karaoke, travel, wildlife, languages....

Linkedin bio: Nik has a long track record of improving business processes through innovative solutions. From call-centers, to Finance, consulting through his own IT/Web-services company and to a health-sciences solutions company, Nik has continued to work for efficiency and constant improvement through technology and corporate cultural change. His passions are enterprise search, collaborative wikis, mobile technology, databases and the Japanese language.

Github bio: Amateur Jack-Of-All-Trades. Loves karaoke, technology, family, traveling, fiction, non-fiction.

Opensea bio: Canadian with 25 years of database experience and amateur Blockchain engineer. Lived in Japan and US for 18 years.

Linktree bio: Amateur Jack-Of-All-Trades. Loves karaoke, tech, family, travel, stories.

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